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# Thursday, September 1, 2011

New brand what now?

newBrandAnalytics is a newish startup (less than 2 years old) which started out with a simple premise: the internet is a goldmine of customer opinions, to the point where it's impossible to track and respond to it all with traditional techniques and purely human oversight. We mine the net for opinions, reviews, ratings and other data; we analyze this data and break it down into a structured form that can then be aggregated and measured against the customer's own operational metrics.

To illustrate, one example of what we do is take the impossibly huge number of "Just ate at McDonalds in Copenhagen airport, it was horrible! Stale fries, messy bathroom and facetious service!" tweets (alright, maybe I'm giving Twitter users too much credit :-)), turn them into what amounts to a scoreboard (cleanliness: -1, freshness: -1, service: -1), and finally crunch numbers until we can give the customer a dashboard that says, in plain English, "there's something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark." Not only that, you can easily drill down and contact the author of the complaint, pull up historical graphs to see if there's a growing negative trend in service quality for that area etc. And that's just scratching the surface.

The company itself is US-based, and is now just past the incubation stage; there's a steadily growing revenue stream, and now the business is catching up with what was essentially proof-of-concept technology, originally developed by an outsourcing firm (which actually did a surprisingly good job). The company has decided to bring engineering in-house, hired a veteran CTO and is now in the process of setting up its R&D center in Ceasarea, Israel.

What's in it for you?

  • Join a small, tightly-knit team of extremely smart, experienced engineers who absolutely love their profession!
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies, including Node.js, Scala and Cassandra/Hadoop:
    • We're all in when it comes to DevOps;
    • Take your pick on tools. We don't care if you use Windows, Mac or Linux, as long as you have what you need to be productive. In fact, you get to pick your own machine spec;
    • We're big believers in open-source. Team members often (some regularly) contribute to open-source projects, and they're pervasive in our technology selection;
  • Work at a revenue-generating startup with huge promise;
  • Competitive compensation package;
  • Terrific working conditions: less traffic, noise and air pollution and much more space compared with most locations in the Gush-Dan area

What's in it for us?

We have several positions to fill. Officially, these are: QA automation engineer, frontend engineer, senior versatile backend engineer. In practice, we're just looking for really smart people that can help us get things done faster and better. Proficiency, or talent and inclination to become proficient, in any of the following areas is a definite plus:

  • Java and associated technologies (Scala experience will impress us further still!);
  • DevOps, specifically: monitoring, deployment automation and build automation;
  • NLP, machine learning and text analysis;
  • Large-scale data crunching (experience with modern NoSQL/big-data solutions, e.g. Hadoop/Pig, GigaSpaces or Cassandra, is a major plus);
  • Testing methodology: we have several major subsystems with separate testing requirements (data acquisition, NLP and UI automation, to name but a few);
  • Client-side and client-facing development (MVC frameworks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML);
  • HTTP crawlers and associated domains (bot idioms and challenges, scale and cost concerns).

Interested? Send in your resume to or contact me!

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