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# Wednesday, September 7, 2005
I was writing a relatively small GUI application (more on that later) and was looking for an easy way to add wizards to the application. A quick Google search brought me several options, but eventually I settled for Al Gardner's excellent "Designer centric Wizard control" on The Code Project; it is combination useful, solid and open-source. I highly recommend it, however I did find two caveats:

For starters, this isn't actually the wizard designer's fault, rather Visual Studio's. I designed a moderately complex, 5-step wizard. The way the wizard designer works, all controls on all pages are thrown into the same class file. Since this is parsed and modified by the designer itself this wouldn't be an issue, however the wizard was also localizable. This meant that whenever I saved the wizard or moved from code view to design view and vice versa, the machine would chug for several seconds on regenerating the code. Add to that the usually-tolerable ReSharper parsing phase (I use build 165) and you've got 10-second stalls every couple of minutes, which makes development extremely tedious.

The other issue is that the Cancel event does not work as planned, and I can't figure out way. I added my own handler to the cancellation event with an "are you sure"-type messagebox, but whenever I answered no the wizard would still close. I tracked this down to the cancellation button on the wizard (btnCancel) having its DialogResult property set to DialogResult.Cancel (since I'm running the form instance with ShowDialog this would cause the form to close), however nothing in the application has ever set it to that value. Worse still, when I added the line:

this.btnCancel.DialogResult = DialogResult.None;

To the InitializeComponent method on Wizard, a breakpoint on the cancellation event handler would show that Wizard.btnCancel_Click:

this.FindForm().DialogResult = DialogResult.None;

I tried contacting Al to let him know about this issue, but there is no obvious way to get contact info from The Code Project. Any ideas?

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