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# Sunday, November 13, 2005
Despite a lot of work by various people (including, but not limited to, Jeff Atwood at and Colin Coller), creating syntax-highlit HTML from code with Visual Studio is still extremely annoying; you don't get the benefit of background colours (as explained by Jeff), you face bizarre issues (try Jeff's plugin on configuration files for instance) and finally, ReSharper-enhanced syntax highlighting can not be supported by either of these solutions.

I've submitted a feature request to the JetBrains bugtracker for ReSharper; since I regard ReSharper as an absolute must-have and it already does source parsing and highlighting, features powerful formatting rules and templates etc., I figure it's the definitive platform for such a feature. Read the FR and comment here; I reckon if it gets enough attention they probably will implement it in one of the next builds.

As a side-note, I'm still keeping the ReSharper 2.0 EAP post up-to-date on the latest builds. Make sure to have a look every now and then.

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