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# Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Am I the only one going insane over the time it takes for the average IDE to load these days? It takes Visual Studio 2003 up to ten seconds from click to functionality, and with ReSharper installed (which I consider a must-have) it takes ever longer. In the days of multiple-gigaherz machines with multiple-gigabytes of RAM and souped-up, quad-rate busses, why the hell do I have to wait for my development environment to load?

Mind you, VS2003 is not the worst of the bunch; Eclipse used to be the slowest-starting app I've ever seen up until version 3.1. Now it's more or less on par with VS2003. NetBeans lags behind in the performance department. Looking at the VS2005 beta 2 (I haven't tested the RCs) it looks like Microsoft has improved performance - at least startup performance - drastically. I certainly hope that's the case. Since I usually work with 3 or more instances of VS2003 open concurrently any improvements to its performance or memory footprint would be welcome in the extreme.

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