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# Monday, June 6, 2011

Sometimes you know it’s time to move on. I’ve been working at Sears (née Delver) for just under four years, making this the longest stretch in my career. Even so, my tenure at Delver has seen several major upheavals, including a name change (we originally started off as Semingo), product strategy shifts (Delver started out as a people search engine, similar to what are doing today), launching our product, failing to survive the market crash and shutting down, being bought outright by Sears and a drastic personal shift from R&D to operations.

So yeah, a lot has happened in the last four years: I’ve worked alongside some amazingly smart people, helped build and take care of systems way more complex than any I had encountered before, and perhaps even learned to curb my temper a little bit. Delver/Sears is a great company to work for, but it’s time for me to move on.


As of two weeks ago I’m a software architect working for newBrandAnalytics, a startup company that provides social business intelligence for various industries; I’ll skip the business spiel as you can go ahead and read about our solutions and existing customers. Suffice to say that we handle massive amounts of data from various sources (including social media such as Twitter and Facebook); scaling concerns aside, this also entails bleeding-edge text analysis and NLP, rapid response to growing (and changing) customer demand and other wonderful aspects of complex, scalable software systems built to support an actual business. Exciting times are ahead!

Coincidentally, we’re hiring! Our careers page isn’t up yet, but we’re looking for top notch engineers, QA engineers and NLP/algorithm specialists for our Israeli R&D center. I’ll update this post with more concrete details later on, but will leave you with the following points to consider in the meantime:

  • nBA is a fresh, privately-funded company with a fast-growing customer base;
  • We’re a core group of extremely smart, experienced people who love (and know how!) to get things done;
  • Tackle challenges such as massive data volume, increasing scale and deceptively simple business requirements which translate to bleeding-edge software;
  • The Israeli R&D center is the only in-house engineering center for nBA. Employees have unprecedented influence on the company, as well as direct communication with customers. There’s nothing like actual business feedback to motivate and ensure success!

If any of this resonates with you, go ahead and send your CV to, or contact me directly at

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